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100% Money Back Guarantee

Yt Pro Subscription for just €2.99/month 🤑

No-one like ads, avg youtube user spend around 768secs watching ads over youtube daily.That's 280320secs wasted on ads each year! We aim to bring down the cost of owning a membership. Premium plan is worth every penny spent.

❤️Payments are secured via Stripe

100% Legal

We operate using youtube family invites only!

0% Kick rate

All are Family Accounts are based on same country as yours.So chance of Kick is highly unlikely..

Fast service

We complete order generally within 6hours,you can also use chat,we will get back to you straight away

I used to pay 15$ each month for my youtube subscription. Then I found out about Red Upgrade through a youtube comment. 

And I must say it is totally worth it.

They upgraded my account in less than an hour, all i had to provide to them was my gmail address.It work exactly same as Offical subscription,except for the fact that I have to pay only 20% of the total subscription fee :D



This is how we work!

Affordable Pricing & Money Back Guarantee

A family invite will be sent to your gmail, valid for next 6/12month depending on plan.You just have to accept the invitation. NO account details required at any stage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ below. Still having questions? Hit us up via e-mail or live chat.

FAQ | How does Red Upgrade upgrade my account?

We sent youtube premium invite according to your country of residence.

You just have to accept invitation, and your account will be upgraded to premium status.

We don't ask for your password or any other personal details.

FAQ | Are there any risks involved?

Our techniques used are safe and have been battle-tested. They have been working very well since 2020, and continue to do so. We are ready to provide partial refund if any thing goes wrong.

Order | Alright! How do I order?

You can choose between 6months or 12months plan via Pricing Tab browser plugin.

Then complete payment using Stripe.

After payment you will be presented with a form.

You need to input your email address and country.And that's it.

Order | How much time it takes to perform my upgrade?

We try to process order as soon as possible.Our TAT ranges from 6-48hours.This is the time we require to send an invite.If we fail to perform upgrade in this time-period,you are eligible for a refund.

FAQ | What happens if my premium member has ended before term?

This has never been the case ,but in case you have to go through this - Be assured that we will refund for the remaining months.

FAQ | Do I need to share access to my account?

No! We don't need any access. 

Ordering | Is my country supported?

We support all countries were Youtube Premium is available.

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